Today I’ll teach you to win Clash Royale . Yes, the game Supercell is here, and as expected is generating a lot but much excitement and millions of users already play both Android and iOS . So good if you struggle to get win do not worry because I’ll show you how Win in Clash Royale with a few simple tips , tricks and recommendations that will make you get the victory.
Win in Clash RoyaleWe are facing a strategy game in real time, so read these tips will not guarantee Clash Royale win every game, but it sure ‘ll understand the game better and get more wins, even … who knows? Maybe you win three crowns applying these tricks in your next game

Before you begin to know how to win in Clash Royale, I recommend that you take a look at the different cards available to us in this game, that’s why I took me permission to do these three guides letters that I invite you to take a look, are divided by type: troops ,spells and buildings . These guidelines will help you learn the letters , see their features , learn how they work and little tricks of each. If you want and do not want to read, I leave the following video where I explain how to win in Clash Royale.

How to Win at Clash Royale

After studying the letters go with the tricks and tips to turn your defeats into victories.Let’s go there! Royale win in Clash

Tip 1: Distract, the towers will do the rest

If the enemy sends us an attack to destroy our tower, such as a golem, or PEKKA, our first reflex may be counter it with another letter a lot of power and cost of elixir. But this is not necessary, since we can wait for the enemy comes within the range of our tower , we can distract him such planting letters low cost through the center until the powerful enemy attack becomes soup with attacks towers and for example a Arqueras. A good example would be the attack of a Giant Skeleton counteracted with a Skeleton Tomb.

Win in Clash Royale

Tip 2: Never expect with 10 elixir

Although many people expect in the first round to see what the enemy is common sense that if we are in a game and got to the top of Elixir should throw any letters because otherwise, you are literally throwing elixir.

Tip 3: Get advantage of Elixir

A good way to get Clash win Royale, is to have more elixir the enemy , it seems logical right? Nor should it be an engineer to know this, but how do we achieve? Very simple, we have to get eliminate the enemy cards with letters of lower cost , ie elixir spend less than the enemy. Good examples of this can be a horde of Minions counteracted with Arrows (5-3), an attack Mago and Barbarians countered with a Fireball (10 to 4) or an attack by a lightning strike which destroyed several buildings while attacks tower. If we can play fairly well and get an advantage of 5 elixir on our opponent, we could say that we have won

Win in Clash Royale

Tip 4: do not go crazy with your attack

Launch a sneak attack on one of the towers may seem like a good idea, but I will tell youfrom experience that it is better to be patient and see what strategy the enemy . Watch him , watch how it starts, because if you spend your elixir without thinking, can meet with the attack of a Rider or Montapuercos that will shatter your tower and meanwhile you is stupid face watching your sneak attack is not even ” peligrosillo “.

Tip 5: Attacks by your weakest tower

In this great game is supposed to start attacking one of the towers and not both at once, but if you have fallen life of one of your towers and the enemy has the same life on both always better to make your attack on the same side where you have your weakest tower and the protejerás way.

Tip 6: Each card has its time

Again, we use the logic . If we Arrows, let’s save it for the attack of a barrel Goblins or a horde of Minions, do not go to lanzándoselas spend them to a giant, as it will not do anything and will be the perfect time for the enemy to launch his horde of Minions you probably do much damage. If they attack with an army of skeletons, obviously not release the Inferno Tower, as well as being destroyed, the enemy will use to attack a Golem

Tip 7: View larger items (TV Royale)

Seeing is learning, and what better way to see the best. In clash Royale will have a tab where we see the best players giving firewood. Surely after seeing many of the items will learn a lot and you ‘ll be more prepared to win Royale Clash

Win in Clash Royale

Tip 8: The community cards are also powerful

We may think that the more epic cards have in our deck is more likely to win in Clash Royale. But friend, I have to tell you the opposite, perhaps the community cards are the most important game , because of its low cost and ease subirles level . This does not mean that we do not make combinations with rare or epic cards, but always keep this in mind.

Tip 9: Use your cards collectively

Each card is unique, but we can not see them individually, but quite the opposite, as if they were a tandem, a team. We must think of the letters collectively , not attack a golem can do, we must go beyond . We must think that Golem is slow and need support remote and still probably not reach touch the enemy tower, so we could have prepared a Ball of Fire. A perfect example of using the cards collectively is the Montapuercos relationship – Freezing. The Montapuercos with Frostbite is lethal, but a Montapuercos only probably be removed in seconds.

Tip 10: The average of elixir

When we are setting deck we can see the average elixir that has , which can be a warning that our deck cards there are too much cost, which is not usually advantageous in the battlefield. I recommend having the average between 4 and 5 elixir .

Tip 11: Spends headed gems

Win in Clash Royale

As we play we can get gems, either by purchasing them or by opening the chests are winning in the fighting. But I’ll show you a simple trick to save gems. It is simple, if you want a silver casket instantly have to pay 35 gems, whereas if we fight and we got one only cost us 18 open, ie half. So do not buy instant chests Get them in combat and aceléralos .

Tip 12: Watch for updates

Your crossbow is no longer as effective as before? Sorry the they bobbed. You must betuned for updates to know that letter have improved or deteriorated to know if you still worth having it in your deck.

Win in Clash Royale

Tip 13: Common Sense

After this large number of tips and tricks to win in Clash Royale, I’ll tell you to use thecommon sense . As a teacher of Chess, which is probably the sport or game, you name it, par excellence strategy, I will say that after all after much study and know do use your common sense If you have it!

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