For pes this year, Konami has done a lot of efforts to make PES 2017 a more realistic simulation game ever, fans of the game can appreciate the extent of the improvements. Only, Konami has really examined all the main points that demanded attention and remains there still a way to go?

What we would like to see

We could blame PES is too much to learn from what is done with his competitor FIFA since it displays better business results, believing abandon its distinctive features enable it to give boost sales.

The stars that previously determined levels were replaced by securities while this is what marked his difference with FIFA.

PES preferred to leave up to global player notes to detailed specifications of these and noted on 99. Rather than understand the profile of each player, there is a single note that defines and impossible to know more on its strengths and weaknesses. It is also possible to read the team compositions as easily as before.

It also regrets the disappearance of Boss fashion that you could see in PES 2012. As a reminder during this mode it is possible to play the role of club owner and decide the financial structure of it as the budget for transfers and marketing. Other options that were nevertheless popular with fans also missing as the possibility of intentional hands to choose the age of retirement of players, choose the number of fans in the stadium well the Master League mode that has depleted many options for PES 2014.

Which should improve

Thing that Konami franchise fans have already reported many times and continue to report is the need for more licenses including that of the Bundesliga which is followed by football fans.

Delays blamed by game servers during an online game are also correct. Much of players prefer playing offline because of the slowness and hope for improvement on that side.

PES fans would also like more justice for matches between players online. Players who play in FUTO mode (with assistance) should be separated from those who play in FUMA mode. Many find it unfair that players of the two modes can compete online while the requirements of each mode are not the same.

Finally, we would like there to be more stagings on transfers, overheating in the stadiums and all that surrounds the course of a real game. Anyway, it is possible to download pes 2017 for those who find that the game is already up to par.